About Clothears

Hello and welcome to Clothears Costumes, please feel free to browse. Clothears Costumes was started in 2006 by Alison (that’s me) and Jude. I’ve always had a passion for making costumes in one form or another (even as a little girl I made period dresses for my dolls) and I have never been far from a sewing machine ever since. Jude similarly is a creative, he trained and until recently, worked as a graphic designer. A fanatical film geek, his first prop build was a golden gun from ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. He admits it wasn’t very good, but he was only seven years old at the time. We met at art college and became good friends but it wasn’t until three years later that we actually became a couple. Slowly but surely, Jude’s geekiness infected me and we started making costumes as a hobby which steadily developed in to the Clothears company you see today.

So why ‘Clothears’? It’s a term that originated, like us, in the North West of England. Back in the industrial revolution, workers in the cotton mills soon became hard of hearing due to their noisy working environment and such people subsequently became known as having ‘cloth ears’. Later, it became an affectionate term for children who didn’t listen to their parents, which probably explains why my dad used to say it to me so frequently!

As you browse our site, you will see many of our costumes modelled by a quirky little character with unusually large ears. We get asked all the time whether it’s a rabbit or a mouse. The truth is it started as a bushbaby but now it’s just Clothears, the personification of what our company is all about. And, while it may look weird to have Emperor Palpatine proudly displaying a pair of oversized, checkered ears, you’re sure to remember it, right?

So have fun exploring our site and if you have any questions or comments to make, please feel free to get in touch. info@clothearscostumes.com