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New Fabrics on the way

April 15, 2019  ·  in Blog, Star Wars  ·  by

For those that follow our Facebook page you will have seen that we are currently waiting on a new line of fabrics. We have commissioned a screen accurate Tusken Raider fabric, a screen accurate Jawa fabric and now we can reveal we have commissioned an upgraded Emperor Palpatine fabric. The fabric we are currently using for our Emperor costumes will remain available for the prequel costume and the new fabric will become the screen accurate Original Trilogy costume. These fabrics have taken us years to source and once we secured the manufacturer  they took months of finalising, ensuring thread sizes, weights, colours and shrinkage. The fabrics should be arriving here late May and then we will be prototyping new costumes in each fabric. If you are keen to see our progress watch this space or check out our Facebook page


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