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WARNING – Recast Boushh helmet

WARNING! Someone is recasting and selling inferior quality copies of our Boushh helmet kit on Ebay and Etsy. 

Please would all of our friends and followers share this. 

The parts appear to be very poorly re-cast with non of the care and attention that we at Clothears make our helmets with.  

May 22, 2018  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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Warning – Recast Boushh helmet

WARNING! We have just discovered that someone is recasting and selling inferior quality copies of our Boushh helmet kit on Ebay and Etsy. 

Please would all of our friends and followers share this. 

The parts appear to be very poorly re-cast with non of the care and attention that we at Clothears make our helmets with.

March 28, 2018  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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Manchester MCM Comic Con 2017

This weekend we attended Manchester MCM Comic Con alongside the UK Garrison. Friday the heavens opened as we set up our exhibit but Saturday and Sunday the sun came out and the crowds of cosplayers flocked. It was great to see everyone and good to see international Garrison in attendance too.

A big thank you to Elliott and Jon for joining us Saturday to parade his newly completed ESB Boba Fett costume. We know you have the bruises to show how hard you trooped, well done for popping your costuming cherry.

Saturday evening the troop continued at RS Propmasters. Beer, hotpot and a good old catch up. Thanks guys for a great evening.

DSC_0001 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0013 DSC_0015 DSC_0016

The UK Garrison Vader lining up with our characters


All Sith together


A visit from the UK Garrison


July 31, 2017  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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On Friday Jude graduated from a three year degree course in Special Effect for Film & Television with first class honours. I am very proud of him. Congratulations.


July 16, 2017  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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Star Wars Celebration Florida 2017

To everyone attending Star Wars Celebration this weekend in Florida, we hope you have a fabulous time. Sorry we can’t be there. We look forward to seeing lots of photos.

April 13, 2017  ·  in Blog, Star Wars  ·  by
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Rest in peace Carrie Fisher

We have just heard the very sad news of the death of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). We got to meet her in 2014 at London Film and Comic Con, it was a day we will treasure forever.

Rest in peace Carrie.


December 27, 2016  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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Comic Con – Birmingham – November 19th – 20th

This years MCM Comic Con at Birmingham was as big and as fantastic as ever. Exhibiting along the UK 501st Garrison, The Rebel Legion, UK Predators, Reel Icons and RS Propmasters we all put on a good show. This year we worked really hard in advance to take along new costumes for people to see. Although still in their early prototype stages we took along our new X-Wing flight suit and our Director Orson Krennic costume, it was also a first time appearance for our ROTJ Emperor. The costumes were well received and we feel inspired to get them completed and ready for the website. Also a first timer to the event was our apprentice  - Kara. On Saturday she attended the event in a costume of her own design and wowed the punters, who had lots of photos taken with her. We just need to get her to make a Star Wars costume, I am guessing it will be an Amidala costume.

A big thanks to everyone that came over to the stand to say hi. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

Prototype X-Wing flight suit

Prototype X-Wing flight suit

X-wing flight suit

X-wing flight suit

ROTJ Emperor & prototype Krennic

ROTJ Emperor & prototype Krennic

Kara stood with the prototype Krennic we're making

Kara stood with the prototype Krennic we’re making

Michelle McCormack in her new Boushh

Michelle McCormack in her new Boushh

My lovely Officers

My lovely Officers

November 28, 2016  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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We’ve done the Clothears Pilgrimage

We are starting a post for customers who have been to see us at the workshop and donned the Bushbaby heads just for fun.

Glenn & Maria

Glenn  & Maria

Phil & Jo

Phil & Jo

Glenn & Claire


Ashley & Jenni







September 26, 2016  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016

Image 1

Scott Phipps as TFA Luke with Rey’s

Image 2

Scott Phipps as TFA Luke Skywalker

Image 3

Scott Phipps as TFA Luke and Lee Harvey as ROTJ Luke

Image 4

Lee Harvey as ROTJ Luke with Mark Hamill

Image 5

Giovanni Toaldo as Obi Wan with Mark Hamill

Image 6

Iwan Optekamp as ROTS Obi Wan and me looking half asleep

Image 7

Jim Davies in his Black Officer costume

Image 8

Meeting up with Cedric from Switzerland

Image 9

Meeting the Officers

Image 11

Clothears Emperor mannequin

Image 12

Clothears Darth Maul mannequin

Image 13

Clothears Boushh mannequin

Image 10

Meeting the Emperor

Image 14

50,000. No less

Image 15

Our Biker Scout helmet next to the Martian helmet

Image 18

Northbrook College with their Howls Moving Castle Helmet

Image 16

Other film inspired helmets

Image 17

Ewok helmet by Tom Spina Designs

Image 19

Simon Greenaway with his Gremlin inspired helmet

Image 20

Rob Taylor with his Cyberman inspired helmet

Image 21

Phil Brown with his Emperor’s Shuttle inspired helmet

Image 22

DC Prop Replicas with their Yellow Submarine helmet

Image 23

Winners of the Cosplay competition

Having finally arrived home and unpacked we can now reflect on what a terrific weekend we had. We are completely exhausted but buzzing, it was truly fantastic seeing everyone again and meeting new faces. The event was huge, as was the turnout and queues. Compared to Celebration Europe 2007 things had grown massively. In 2007 we knew 3 people and in 2016 we are unable to count the number of faces we recognised or those that recognised us. It was truly inspiring.

During the event we were lucky enough to display three of our character costumes alongside the UK 501st Garrison. On show we had our Darth Maul, Emperor and Boushh. We were also lucky enough to have our Biker Boushh lid on display and up for auction on the Biker Scout Helmet Project stand for Make A Wish UK. Meeting up with the UKG, Rebel Legion and guys from the RPF was great. A big thank you for inviting us along to take part.

It was also nice to see some of our costumes parading the event. We managed to have photos with several of our Jedi and Imperial Officers. Above are some photos and some of the lucky ones managed to get photos with Mark Hamill, congratulations guys!

July 20, 2016  ·  in Blog, Star Wars  ·  by
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50,000. No Less

We are very happy to see our contribution to the Biker Scout Project for Make A Wish UK on the official Star Wars Celebration Europe website. The newly released collection of Biker helmets can be previewed at before they go up for Auction on Ebay. Check them out and reserve some funds for a good cause.

Updated 11th August 2016.

What a fantastic event. All the helmets are now sold and collectively have made a whopping £26.106. A truly amazing amount of money for a fantastic charity. Well done to everyone that took part and congratulations to all the new lucky owners. Our “50,000. No less” managed to make a staggering £1020.00. Thank you to everyone who made a bid and to whoever was the lucky winner. Your generosity is fantastic.

June 25, 2016  ·  in Blog  ·  by
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