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Clothears new building Day 2

Early Sunday morning the builders arrived for day 2 of the job. The weather was a lot more windy and threatening rain but they cracked on supplied with mugs of hot tea & coffee. Today the floor was strengthened by ‘Nogging out’ (builders term),  all the wall frames were constructed, creating a flat packed jigsaw that should be fairly quick to assemble on their next visit. The scale of the building can be seen in the photo with myself perched at the back corner.

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Clothears new building

This weekend saw the start of our new building. Hooraaah! It has been a long time in the planning, dealing with the council but finally we have been granted permission for the desperately needed space. We have a great bunch of lads on site, building the structure from the ground up. Steve, Phil & Neil arrived at 7am Saturday morning shortly followed by two truck loads of goodies. With the good weather on their side they cracked on preparing the foundation holes and building the floor. The building is a whopping 38′ x 15′. Working in to the dark the floor was secured in place. The garden looks as though we have a stage built ready for a Rockfest.

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Mr & Mrs LeTourneau

Congratulations Billie & Dale LeTourneau, newly wed. Tied the knot on the 13th October in the US.

Dale & Billie contacted us back in May this year to see if we could help him fulfill a dream of a Star Wars wedding. We supplied Dale and his best man with two very smart made to measure black Imperial Officer costumes.

Congratulations to you both, Jude and myself wish you a long and happy life together.

Photo supplied by Jennifer Van Winkle Kline

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Coming soon ‘Jabbadashery’

Good news! we now sell some of the high quality fabrics that we use to make our costumes!
Go and check out out our new sister site ‘Jabbadashery’. It’s not officially up and running yet, as you will see,
but if there is anything that you want to know more about just ask.
Click the logo to visit the site.
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Jude in Star Wars Insider

Fantastic News!

Jude made it to the July/August edition of Star Wars Insider magazine. Many thanks to Neil Murphy for sending in the photo. It was a real shock when Jude was stood in Forbidden Planet browsing the magazines and spotted himself.

It was taken at the Premier of TPM 3D at Vue cinema Southport. Neil caught Darth Maul relaxing with a soft drink, wearing his 3D shades before the screening. He was obviously trying to slip in unnoticed. Well done Jude.

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Just found this photo of me when we went to watch PAUL.

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Boushh ‘PAUL’ costume story

My Boushh costume used in ‘PAUL’ the new film by Simon Pegg and Nick frost.

For those who don’t know a while ago I was contacted by the wardrobe department at Universal Studios in LA to make a Boushh costume for a new film that was being made. With such a tight time frame and little chance of making and sending a costume in two weeks I posted them my costume to use. That film is now out to buy here in the UK and I am aloud to talk more about it. The film starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, Jason Bateman and Sigourney Weaver is called ‘PAUL’ . It is about two English comic geeks who take a trip to the US to visit Comic Con and take a road trip across America via Area 51. On the way they run into an alien called Paul who has escaped the base after 60 years and seeks help to return home to his own planet.

After being contacted we spent a whole weekend building a new staff to go with the costume, which we were able to brake down small enough to ship abroad. The costume was bubble wrapped and boxed and off it went for two weeks. The lovely people at the wardrobe department kindly let me know when it had arrived and photographed every little weathering scratch just in case it had happened in transit. The only damage the costume sustained was the stalk on the helmet which they kindly glued back in place. Kristen tried on the costume and it seemed to fit fine. I knew the costume was being used for the re-shoot of the final scenes and therefore new the costume would not appear in the film until the very end. I sat in the cinema and there it was right at the very end as the credits were rolling and the final scenes were being played out, Kristen appears in full costume with the helmet. I must say her voice amp is much better than mine. She removes the helmet and has the cowl piece around her neck. The staff never made it to the shot but never mind, it felt fantastic seeing the costume up on the big screen and has fulfilled a lifelong ambition.

Kristen is wearing my real pig skin tunic, under tunic, cowl, boot covers, gloves and my leather trousers. You can also see the helmet, bandoleer, tanks and armour. It looks very clean and new but up close it is well used as I costume nearly every other weekend in it. Now the costume is safely back home I am boxing it up in the hope that one day I will get it signed by all the cast. So I can carry on costuming I am now working on a new, more accurate costume. I am sourcing better materials and with all the images I have of the original costume I am re-creating every little detail. I will post progress on my webpage and on my Facebook page for anyone who is interested.

I hope you get to see the film and hope you enjoy watching my new project evolve.

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