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Harry Potter Wand

Comments OffDecember 29, 2015  ·  by admin

As you may know Jude has started Bolton University studying a degree in Visual & Special effect for film and television. His project last semester was to design and make a wand that would not look out of place in the world of Harry Potter. Jude’s wand was designed for twins thrust into Hogwarts from a traditional Chinese aristocrat family. The male twin being the villainous Slytherin character and the female, an innocent Hufflepuff. The two wands both born from the same plum tree that had been struck with a curse during a duel, they join together to make one wand. The Hufflepuff wand is simple and straight with a Unicorn hair core, the Slytherin wand a burnt twisted spiral seeping with amber and has a core from a Chinese Fireball Dragon, together they make a very powerful and well balanced wand. Sculpted from clay, moulded and cast in resin, then hand-painted. Jude also made the box using grey board, lizard skin paper and printed decorative labels. The inner is sculpted from foam and lined with silk. At the end of the box is a small Chinese Dragon handle. It looks great in our display cabinet.