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Boushh life size display

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As mentioned in other posts on our Facebook page, my original Boushh costume was used in the film ‘Paul’ and we have now boxed it away and we have been working on an upgrade. It has been over five years since we finished the Paul costume and since then more information on the costume has become available and we have seen the original at the County Hall in London. Our new costume has a lot more attention to the small detail, more accuracy than practicality.
Firstly we worked on the tunic, we made the pattern more accurate. The front is self faced and the overall fit is much better.
Next came the under tunic. There is quite a bit of difference between this under tunic and our last one. This time the body of the tunic is made from a brown cotton chintz which is overlocked at the hem. The tunic now has a brown zip up the back and the sleeve ends are lined with leather. The sleeves are still long enough to gather, have the tree spikes and the thumb slots. Above the wrist there are the opening slots in the seam, these are held closed with large stitching. The sleeves are also now lined with black satin.
The cummerbund was the next piece we made. It is piped suede and then unlike our last cummerbund it is lined with suede, this makes it a little more expensive to make but finishes it off nicely. At the back the cummerbund laces with black cotton tape and has a wrap over cover to hide the lacing. At the top of the cover a hole has been cut into the suede. We have yet to discover why but we have put it there for accuracy.
The trousers are similar to the old pair but have more detail in the pleated knee sections. The trousers have been made from a new leather which we then spent a whole week dying to the correct colour and weathering. This took hours of painting, sanding, re-painting, weathering, sanding, finishing… extremely time consuming but we had to keep going until we achieved the correct look. Lots of studying the original costume to get the marks in the right places.
The gloves we purchased from Sierra Trading, the suede matched quite well. We have had to remove the lining and put a cuff on the wrist which makes it easier to fit them comfortably under the under tunic.
The neck cover is made from pig suede and fastens at the back with a zip, this creates the illusion of a continuation of the under tunic and hides any skin that would otherwise be visible. This attaches to a soft black jersey balaclava that is comfortable to wear and hides the wearers head.
The boot covers have been completely re-patterned. The striped detail is more accurate and the back fastening has been completely upgraded. The boot covers now wrap around the boot and velcro at the back to an underpad. They also have the vintage hook and bar fasteners and the ski clasps. The boot covers have the suede stirrup that feeds under the boot. We are still on the look out for accurate boots, the ones on the mannequin are quite a good shape but they are crepe. Across the front of the cover is the strap which again has been completely re-patterned. This has been scaled from the tie fighter model part on the new boot discs which we have made. The strap is piped up to the boot disc and then stops. The edge of the strap is also piped. Using sourced correct model parts we have scaled up and sculpted new boot discs. The new disc’s are cast from white resin and then are painted and weathered so when they scratch the white resin shows through like the originals. They fasten to the boot covers with small bolts, we wanted them removable in case they get damaged. This time we have strengthened the attachments so they pull tight against the strap.
The cloak is made from a heavy weave hemp fabric, it attaches to the bandoleer in three places.
For the new bandoleer again using sourced correct model parts Jude has built the bandoleer resin parts, this took a long time to perfect but they look pretty special. We have mounted them onto the correct size webbing and we have the correct sliders and fasteners. As a finishing touch we had the bullets machined and chamfered on one edge as they should be.
The belt for the Boushh costume is a tricky piece, we assume that the original must have gone missing sometime after ROTJ was completed as the belt is never displayed with the costume at exhibitions. We studied the few pictures of the belt that are available and re-sculpted a new buckle which was cast in nickel, we then paint and weather the buckle. The belt strap is cut from veg tan, hand dyed and finished, weathered and the buckle sewn on with the correct stitching.
We have also been working on the armour. We built a basic mould which he then covered in body filler and sanded to shape, creating the imperfections for the mould to pick up. The armour has been cast in a part resin, part rubber mix which allows it to look accurate whilst feeling comfortable . The neck of the armour has been lined with suede padding for comfort. Velcro is attached to the lining of the cast for the com link and the tanks and there are two poppers which the tanks fasten to at the neck. At the front are also two hooks which the cummerbund fastens to. The com link is made from cast resin which has then been painted and the decals added. It attaches to the armour with velcro which is sprayed brown.
A long time in the making was the new helmet. Jude started from scratch, scaling up every reference image available to him and sculpting the helmet. It was an extremely time consuming process. He purchased all the correct model kits that had been used, costing us a small fortune, and used these to check the measurements of the helmet sculpt. Once he was finally happy with the sculpt, months later we passed it over to the guys at RS Propmasters to make tools and vac form. Several tweaks later and the pulls where ready for assembly. Building the helmet took a few attempts, making sure it was assembled in the correct order. It has been real hard work working with suppliers on this build, nothing has been easy but finally with engineered parts and plastic for the visors in hand we progressed to the paintwork. Layer upon layer of painting and masking and stencilling. We are really pleased with the finished helmet. We have lined it out for comfort and fitted the visor lights which were made specially to our size by Fettronics.
Hope you like it.

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WARNING! We have just discovered that someone is recasting and selling inferior quality copies of our Boushh helmet kit on Ebay and Etsy. 

The parts appear to be very poorly re-cast with non of the care and attention that we at Clothears make our helmets with.

Updated May 2018

WARNING! Someone is recasting and selling inferior quality copies of our Boushh helmet kit on Ebay and Etsy. 

The parts appear to be very poorly re-cast with non of the care and attention that we at Clothears make our helmets with.