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Emperor Palpatine costume

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This costume was a challenge to make. It is one of those costumes where the fabric was extremely difficult to find and all the reference pictures are very dark and it is difficult to see what the fabrics are and how it was constructed. After lots of searching we manged to find a suitable size waffle, we had had several waffles in the past but once washed and dyed they tend to shrink in size. Once we had found the right fabric it had to be dyed to a solid charcoal black. The robe is almost full length and hangs beautifully. It has a really thick look to it which is probably aided by the lining. The robe opens at the front, has the large flared sleeves and a large hood. The sleeves are gathered with cord elastic to reveal the hands and to enable you to see the cane.

Under the robe which you very rarely see is a wrap over full length tunic (we don’t like to call it a dress, somehow the Emperor in a dress just seems wrong). It is made from dark grey crepe wool, it has the wrap over collar band and fastens with ties at the sides.

It is a lovely costume to wear, very comfortable until the make-up goes on, you almost feel as though you are wearing your bath robes and everybody moves out of the way for you.

Tips on wearing this costume

The hem of this costume tends to drag on the floor, to help keep the costume looking immaculate we recommend sewing a facing around the inside bottom of the robe to help preserve the fabric and this can be replaced at regular intervals.

The ties on the tunic are also quite difficult to fasten by yourself, you will need a dresser to help you.

You may also be interested to know that we have a limited supply of the robe fabric available to purchase from the Fabric and Haberdashery section of the website.

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