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Generic Jedi costume

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This costume is a example of one of our simple Generic Jedi costumes, no frills, that we can make to order. This costume consists of an under tunic, tunic, tabard, obi, trousers, belt and robe but where as the named characters the fabrics have to very specific, we could play around with the fabrics and make it much more affordable.

The under tunic has the wrap over style collar and long sleeves with gather at the wrist. The front fastens with velcro to reduce cost rather then the hook and bars the character tunics use.

The tunic, tabard and obi are usually made from the same colour linen fabric although we can make the tabard and obi in a different colour. The tunic is usually either unlined of self lined and fastens with velcro discreetly under the tabard.

The trousers have an elasticated waist. This saves on expense as the waist are is never seen, the thigh area fits well and is the only visible part of the leg.

The belt is made from a high quality pre-dyed and finished leather. It has a generic buckle and all the hardware. The belt fastens with the correct wrap over and buckle system.

The robe is made from a wool mix. It has a large hood and large sleeves and all the hems are machine finished.

A nice simple costume that could easily be accessorized with over tabard, pouches and food pellets.

For more information regarding this costume please email us at

This is not a stock item, costumes are made to order.

Boots not available.