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Hoth Han Solo

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No CommentsJuly 12, 2016  ·  in   ·  by admin

Jude has been asking for a while if we could make the Hoth Han Parker as an everyday casual jacket to wear. It is still a very cool jacket and would make a great winter coat. After sourcing some great materials (brown being our colour of choice like the original) we made a start on the patterning. It is fairly simple pattern but one that is very heavily padded and quilted. The main body of the coat is quilted vertically, the front has two sides pockets, it has velcro fastening and there is a split at the lower back. The full length sleeves are vertically quilted and there are quilted pen pockets with small flaps. The upper chest and back areas are quilted with a diamond pattern, and there are chest pockets with flaps. Above the left chest pocket there is an area for the rank bar which has been cast from resin and hand painted. To top the coat off there is a collar and large hood trimmed with fur. I am not sure that this particular jacket would offer much protection from the British weather but you would certainly be warm enough. There is always the option to make it in blue or a weatherproof fabric for everyday wear.

The first scarf is a beige knitted scarf we managed to source, the second scarf is made from the same fabric as the trousers.

The trousers are made from a beige fabric, have a fly fastening front and have padded quilted knee sections again using the diamond pattern.

The shirt is made from a soft brushed cotton and has the shield front with small mandarin collar. The shirt is always seen worn open and therefore has no fasteners at the collar. The sleeves are wrist length and simply hemmed.

The hat was probably the most difficult thing to make and took a lot of patterning to get it to fit correctly. There is the basic hat shape made from a heavy natural cotton, lined with the same and has a split at the back for head size adjustment with Velcro fastening. Surrounding the basic hat is a flap, top edged in a darker beige cotton twill cloth with a lower quilted section. Making sure the quilting followed the correct positioning was very difficult and determines the size and shape of the hat sides. The bottom edge of the flap is bound in the natural fabric, ziggered elastic front edges and has two cotton tape tie fasteners. Attached to the flap are strap holders and ear greeblie flaps which have top stitching detail and Velcro, all positioned so the goggles remain in the correct position. To the front of the hat is a double brim, edged and separated with dark beige cotton binding.

We are currently working on the the other greeblies which will be made using casts from found parts.

For more information regarding this costume please email us at