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Imperial Officer costume upgrade

German Officer trousers 1
German Officer trousers 2
German Officer trousers 3
German Officer trousers 4
German Officer trousers 5
German Officer trousers 6
German Officer trousers 7
German Officer trousers 8
German Officer trousers 9
German Officer trousers 10
German Officer trousers 11
German Officer trousers 12
German Officer trousers 13
German Officer trousers 14
German Officer trousers 15
German Officer trousers 16
German Officer trousers 17
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We are now working on a Imperial Line Officer costume upgrade. We will document our progress here so people can visit the site and follow our developments.

The Imperial Officer costume that you can currently see on our website is made from a olive grey fabric which is no longer available and whilst sourcing new fabric we have also came across new reference material which will allow us to upgrade the costumes construction. The old costume was constructed on the reference material that was available at the time and whilst the visible aspects of its construction are accurate we have decided to also work on an upgrade. Whilst researching we also recently managed to find a couple of pairs of un-issued WWII German Officer trousers. The Imperial Officer trousers are made from a material, colour, pattern and construction that appear to be almost identical to the German Officer trousers. We purchased the German Officer trousers as they will provide a great resource in making our new costume. We have photographed one pair of the trousers before deconstructing them to make patterns. The trousers in the photos are a short leg, the other pair we have are a long length. The two sizes provide us with information for various body shapes.

With the German Officer trousers in hand we manged to source a new fabric which is currently in the hands of specialist dyers who are matching the colour for us. One of the photographs shows the dye samples we have received so far. We are now awaiting new samples that will be a fraction lighter in colour as we feel the current colour,  whilst very close, could be a touch lighter. As soon as we receive new colours we will post them here and show them to other people who have researched into the officer uniforms. Getting the costume as accurate as possible means a great deal to us.

From the reference material and shots of the screen used costumes that can be found on the internet there are now certain aspects of the costume that we are able to faithfully replicate, the missing aspects we are able to take from the German Officer trousers. Hopefully this will result in a costume that is both accurate in the visible aspect and faithful in the construction methods that we feel would have been used for the originals.

November 2014

This costume is now complete. More pictures and a description for the Olive officer costume can be seen in the ‘Costumes’ section of this website.