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Olive/Grey Officer

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Made from custom dyed cotton cavalry twill, this uniform comprises of the tunic, jodhpurs, hat and belt.

The hat is similar to the hat of a 451 officer but has a couple of small differences, the edging of the front and rear flap is top stitched against the edge rather than along it’s edge as the 451 officer, the hat features a real leather brown tan hat band for comfort inside. These features make the hat stand out from other officer hats but just to avoid any mix up at conventions we have created labels for the interior of the hat, one of which displays the owners unique ID number and hat size.

The tunic is very different to the 451 officer,  it features a front fastening collar, a wrap over shield front and princess seamed back. The collar fastens using vintage hook and bars mounted onto a modesty panel, the collar is stiffened to hold it’s shape. Centre front of the tunic is a dart running down from the collar, the shield front fastens using seven snap fasteners, just like the originals. The tunic

includes the pockets for the code cylinders.

The jodhpurs are based around vintage German officer jodhpurs but with some modifications to better replicate the jodhpurs seen in ‘A New Hope’. Our jodhpurs feature patterned calves and darted knees with lace up side panels, buttons for braces (suspenders) and a zip fly.

Our officer belt is made from top quality veg tan leather, hand dyed and finished, only the outer surface is dyed to match the screen used belts. The buckle is made from stainless steel, brush finished with a welded buckle back and features an accurate aluminium disc. The buckle is fixed to the belt with a silver popper.

For more information regarding this costume please email us at

Each dosimeter is hand made in the UK, using reference and measurements taken from a found part cold war dosimeter. The cylinder and tip are precision machined from aluminium, the laser cut steel clip is press formed, painted and weathered to an extremely high standard. These are the most accurate replicas available and, unlike original dosimeters which are getting rarer and come in range of slightly varying styles, our replicas can be purchased as multiples that will all look uniform, and they compliment our Officer uniforms perfectly.

For a price please email us at


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