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Qui Gon Jinn costume

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This costume has to be the best Jedi costume I have made and I loved working on it. When the character first appeared on TPM I wasn’t that keen but since taking the time to research this costume and the materials I really like it. This costume looks as though it has been worn day after day and serves it’s purpose. It has also been one of the best costumes for actually sourcing accurate fabrics. The costume is made up from an under tunic, tunic with matching tabard and obi, trousers, belt, boots and robe.

The under tunic is made from noil silk jersey which has been dyed to colour. It has the wrap over collar bands from left to right and has long sleeves that gather at the wrist. This is a beautiful yet delicate fabric which has been gently weathered down.

The tunic, tabard and obi are made from noil silk dyed to colour. The tunic also has the wrap over collar and fastens with discreet hook and bars. The tunic is lined and fairly long in length. The matching tabard to the tunic hang front and back extending down past the hem of the tunic. The obi wraps around the waist of the tunic and fastens at the back discreetly with more hook and bars. This garment has also been gently distressed to give that worn look.

As you never see the waist of these trousers I opted to make a simple elasticated waist in a chocolate brown colour. I chose a medium weight fabric which is cool to wear like the rest of the costume which is mainly made up of natural fibres.

The belt is made from real leather dyed, weathered and finished with sam browne detail supporting the thinner belt. It fastens at the back and has the wrap cover to hide the join. The buckle is a found item. It has the brass centre fastener like Anakins TPM buckle but we had it remade in nickel and then weathered it to be more accurate. On the belt we have the covertec clip for the saber which is a MR sabre hilt.

The pouches on the belt are cast resin, painted and weathered. The larger pouches are working pouches allowing storage for small change, credit cards etc.

The robe is made from choclate brown wool crepe, keeping it light and flowing. The robe has the full bell sleeves and a large hood.

The boots are incorrect for Qui-Gon, these are from our own personal collection until we find accurate boots.

I am very pleased with this costume and had great fun taking the photo’s, especially recreating the pose where Liam Neeson wraps himself in the robe. Why?

You may also be interested to know that we have a limited supply of the tunic and undertunic fabric available to purchase from the Fabric and Haberdashery section of the website.

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