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Qui Gon Jinn tunic fabric

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115cm (45″) wide silk, professionally dyed and finished to replicate the screen used Qui Gon Jinn outer tunic fabric from The Phantom Menace.

This fabric can also be used for female Tusken Raider dress as seen in The Attack of the Clones

These photos have been over lit to best show the texture of the fabric, the colours are therefore not a true representation. This fabric has been professionally dyed and finished however the colour may transfer. If in doubt we recommend ordering a sample.

Care instructions – Professional clean

View our completed Qui Gon Jinn

costume in the Costumes section of this website.

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Price: £25.00 per metre

Please contact us if you wish to purchase this product, stating the product name, the quantity and your address, we will then reply to confirm your order details and provide you with a cost for shipping before invoicing.