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This costume, as simple as it looks, was a challenge to pattern. It consists of a shirt, trousers, tunic, tabard, obi, belt and cloak.

The shirt is similar to the one that Han Solo and the Rebel Fleet Troopers wear except that it features a stand up collar and grey lining. The shirt has full length cuffed sleeves, yoke back and a centre back seam which is top stitched. The grey lined shield front is held closed using magnets so that when worn open no visible fasteners can be seen, in the films several versions of the shirt was made to accommodate the scenes when it was worn open.

The trousers are slim fitted, straight legged with elastic foot stirrups. The trousers feature a riding seam in the seat, a military braid to cover the side seams and a zip fly.

The tunic is made from a natural silk, that is particularly tricky to dye. It is a simple shape, with collar and is self lined. There is a single tabard that wraps around the back of the neck and finishes level with the tunic hem. The obi is cut on the nap and fastens at the rear.

The cloak is made from wool, moulds perfectly over the shoulders and has a pointed hood. All seams and hems are hand sewn. The cloak fastens at the neck with a modesty panel and velcro.

The belt is made from top quality veg tan leather, hand dyed brown and then black to replicate the screen used belt. The buckle is made from stainless steel, brush painted black as the original and has a welded buckle back. The buckle is attached with two sliver snap fasteners and the belt features a steel saber hook and d-ring. At the rear of the belt is a pouch constructed from the same leather as the belt, hand stitched sides and riveted base just like the original, the pouch fastens with a silver snap fastener.

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