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The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker

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After seeing the new film, this was the costume we wanted to make the most along with the X-wing pilot. The new Luke Skywalker costume is very similar in parts to his old costumes and the Old Ben costume. You can see where the costume designer has amalgamated the ROTJ shirt, the Old Ben tunics and belt and then added new patterning we haven’t seen before in the Star Wars saga.

We were especially impressed by the cloak. Made from what looks like a very heavy linen that has been distressed and weathered the cloak hangs full length and sits on the ground. There are no shoulder or back seams to be seen on this cloak, the only seams is at the lower back and can just be seen as an arch over the back of Luke’s knees. The hood is double layered and shaped to ease in to the front of the cloak. The shoulders of the cloak have darts which are hidden by the hood and there are ties which hold the cloak in position in the wind. This is a beautiful garment.

The under shirt is made from fine off white linen¬†and is self lined. It is very similar to Luke’s ROTJ black shield fronted shirt with the mandarin collar but has deep fastening cuffs. Unlike Hoth Han’s shield fronted shirt it fastened up fully.

The tunic, tabard and obi have been made from a fine linen that we had specially dyed to colour. The tunic is self lined, sleeveless and has side splits to the hip. The tabard run from the back waist at the obi, travel up over the shoulder, where they popper in to position and then run down the full length of the front of the body. The obi wraps around the waist and fastens at the back.

The belt is made from high quality leather that has been leather edged, dyed, finished and weathered. The belt has a pitted aluminium buckle that has been heavily weathered and there are two rivets where a lightsaber hook was once attached prior to filming. The belt fastens at the back.

The small leather pouch on his right is made from high quality leather that has been dyed, finished and weathered.

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