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The Skiff Guards – Nikto’s costume

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Having started work on the Lando costume we were very keen to make more of the Skiff Guard costumes for display. We love these characters, the costumes are more detailed and textured. As a group they make a fantastic collection.

For Nikto we began with the trousers. That are made from a heavy textured furnishing fabric that has a heavy slub weave. Matching the direction of the slub we cut the trousers, padded them well and quilted the stripes in the correct positions. At the knee there are patches sewn on with the slub running in the alternate direction. We have placed lycra stirrups on the feet to hold the trousers in place and given them a lycra waistband to reduce bulk around the wearers waist. These are now waiting to be heavily weathered.

The under tunic is made again from a heavy cotton weave furnishing fabric. Made like a Boba Fett Flak Vest you only see the sleeve of this garment under the leather suede over tunic. This fastens at the back. This is now waiting to be heavily weathered.

The belt is made from veg tan leather that has been dyed, airbrushed and weathered. The buckle was a found part that we reshaped. The belt fastens with velcro as the buckle is non fastening.

From our research we can see that the arm vambraces are small sections taken from the Lando body armour. The arm vambraces were sculpted, moulded and cast from fibreglass. They have been painted and weathered and attached to veg tan leather straps like the belt. They popper closed at the wrist.

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