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This was another University project for Jude, the brief was to design and build a robot from found parts, the robot must be designed around the principle that it was manufactured to perform a task or function.

Tommi was designed to be a soldier fighting in world war 2, this meant that he would have a military / solidly built look to him. Jude also wanted Tommi to look very human and weary so that people could sympathise with his situation but at the same time Tommi is faceless, this is to suggest that it is very easy to forget that the estimated 15,000,000 people killed in battle during world war 2 were just that ‘people’ not faceless soldiers.

Tommi was constructed from a few found parts, along with some custom made pieces. His chest/torso is a cut down air freshener, his shoulder armour was a roll on deodorant whilst the shoulder joints pen caps from bingo pens. The front half of his feet are co-axial sockets, his eye is another pen cap and his gyroscope brain (under the clear dome) was a cap from a juice carton. Tommi’s limbs were laser cut and every rivet was a dress pin cut down and pressed in by hand. His neck was designed for trench warfare, enabling Tommi to extend and see over the top of his trench.